Aromatherapy Recipes for Common Ailments
in Babies & Children

A FREE e-book with aromatherapy recipes to enable you to use the power of essential oils to treat common ailments found in babies and children.

What's in the book?

Have you ever thought that you would like to use essential oils but haven't been sure how to start?

Are you interested in finding out about drug free complementary alternatives for health and wellbeing? 

Would you like to know which essential oils are suitable for your baby or child?

Are you unsure about how many drops to use?

Would you like to get started but you aren't sure about the safety precautions?

Find out how with this free e-book, written by a professional Aromatherapist.  ‚Äč

This book is suitable for anyone interested in Aromatherapy, essential oils or holistic health remedies for children.


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